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What exactly is Cubic zirconia (CZ)? Essentially it represents the crystallized form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). To the eye, this type of stone is absolutely perfect. Usually colorless, it can be mixed with metal oxide dopants in order to create the effect of virtually any color conceivable. And in light of its extreme hardness, it is often mistaken for diamond.

Because of its affordability and still brilliant appearance, CZ is a great option for basically any piece of jewelry. We offer CZ with all of our pieces. Never taking any shortcuts and always sourcing only the best available CZ, Jewara’s products consistently present magnificent sparkle, flawless cut and amazing shine.

A leader in creating brilliant synthetic gemstones, SWAROVSKI Zirconia™ is our premier supplier. In having watched their process closely, we know that there is no color mixing, cuts are without error, and they are able to duplicate natural stone perhaps better than any other.

 Swa Created Zirconia

The significance of birthstones dates back centuries. Each has a special meaning. And each represents the characteristics, energy and spirit of those born during a given month. It is even believed that birthstones carry with them power and luck. Regardless, they are all stunning to behold and look even better when worn!Birthstone Color

We represent the modern birthstone list at the bottom end.

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