Bracelet Sizing

Bracelet Sizing

Want that perfect bracelet size? The guidelines below will help to ensure an excellent fit!

► Step 1:

With open style bracelets: Using a strip of paper or flexible tape measure, you can measure the wrist directly below the bone—this is wear a bracelet is normally worn.

For closed bracelets such as a bangle bracelet: Close your fingers together, and touch your thumb to your pinky in the middle of your hand. Using again, a strip of paper or flexible tape measure, wrap it around the hand at the widest section. 

► Step 2:

If using paper, mark the length with a pen or marker and then measure it against a ruler for length.

► Step 3:

Use the chart below to determine your perfect size. We recommend that for open style bracelets you do add ¼” – 1 ¼” for optimal comfort.

Here is the bracelet sizing chart.